What I can do for you

Walid is a Change Agent. His ambition is to assist families in business with the transformation of their business and help them become more competitive in an increasingly turbulent and global world.

He offers the following:

Advisory Services

1: Facilitates conversations among family members and accompanies them throughout their
succession planning journey; applying the 7-Step Methodology™, he developed, working
alongside over 150 families over the past two decades;

2: Helps families devise a family social contract, more commonly known as family charters
or family constitutions; and

3: He is an accredited mediator, member of the Quebec Bar, and helps mediate complex
intergenerational conflicts.

Board membership

When invited to join a family board, or a family business board, he monitors and assists in the
implementation of the family social contract.

He offers his expertise and support in the following areas:


  • Legal strategy and globalization

  • Institutionalization, and Corporate and Family Governance

  • Owner and Shareholder support

  • Board of Directors composition and meeting facilitation

  • Induction of non-family C-Suite executives

  • Third-party and joint venture relationship

  • Family office infrastructure

  • P/E portfolio revaluation and diversification

  • NextGen mentoring

  • Conflict management / Mediation

  • IPO Preparedness

Speaking Engagements

Walid is a passionate advocate of family, business, and financial governance within a family
business context. He would be happy to share his experience and contribute remarks at
local, regional, and international forums.

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