What I do

I am a family business activist and a change agent.

Over the years, I focused on understanding how family businesses work and what makes them sustainable in the hands of future generations.

I then translated my findings into bespoke tools that I put at the disposal of those business families and NextGen family business entrepreneurs who were looking to devise a comprehensive and a scalable family social contract, in the interest of their family and their business.


My offering includes, inter alia:


1: Facilitate conversations among family business members and accompany them throughout their succession planning journey; applying the 7-Step Methodology™, I developed, working alongside over 150 families in business;

2: Help business families devise family social contracts and 100-year succession plans; and

3: Manage complex intergenerational conflicts and have become, over the years, the go-to person for mission impossible family business succession planning.

Board membership

Legal Strategy and Globalization

I can add value to the following:​

Family businesses looking to institutionalize

•Governance systems and policies

•Implementation of Family Charters

•Business Transformation

•Family Office Infrastructure

•Board composition and Operations

•Induction of non-family C-Suite executives

•MBO and Initial Public Offerings 

Speaking Engagements:

I am a passionate advocate of family, business, and financial governance, and I spend a great deal of my time reading and conducting research. I am often invited to join local, regional, and international forums to exchange views, share knowledge, and learn.