What I bring to the table

I bring to the table 40 years of professional experience and a variety of skills, including:



1.Critical thinking, coupled with an old-school-gentleman approach, and an insatiable search for knowledge and innovation;
2. Entrepreneurship insights: I have set up and operated one of the first virtual multi-family offices, with access to families in business having over US$500 billion-worth of assets under management;
3. Legal strategy and risk management: I have corporate finance expertise, having worked at Tier-1 US and Canadian law firms, a European global multi-national corporation, and privately-held family businesses;
4. Global network spanning across the five continents, coupled with unique communication,  and negotiation skills: I have lived, studied, and practiced in 8 different cities, and have managed the legal affairs of joint ventures in 11 jurisdictions spanning across the Americas, Europe, South-East Asia, China, and the Middle East. As a result, I bring to the table a wealth of experience building enduring and successful partnerships, and managing stakeholder relationships.
5. Governance: I contributed to the institutionalization of over 150 family-controlled businesses, separating personal assets from business assets, emotions from reason, and ownership from management;
6. Inter-generational conflict management: I am an expert at devising social contracts and   reconciling feuding families, while paving the way for NextGen family entrepreneurs interested  in taking over the mantle from their seniors, in an orderly fashion; and
7. Coaching and Mentoring: Over the years, I was successful in coaching a number of patriarchs ‘let go’ as well as C-Suite executives ‘embrace’ family business spirit. Also, I mentored NextGen family entrepreneurs and helped them forge their own ambitions and follow their hearts.