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Recent Select Achievements

Business Case 1:


The Founder, and business leader of a large Saudi Family Conglomerate passed away unexpectedly and the heirs to the business required support with respect to decentralizing the decision-making structure and introducing new collegial decision-making mechanisms to accommodate for the new wider contingency of shareholders.


Mandate Objectives and Approach

  • Educating the new shareholders on their inheritance and newly found shareholder roles, rights and responsibilities;

  • Facilitating the communication between the shareholders and executives of their businesses while also liaising with executives to ensure the shareholders are informed of, and updated on all business activities and proceedings;

  • Introducing decision making platforms and forums for the family and the business including a Family Assembly, Shareholders Assembly and Board of Directors;

  • Defining the reporting lines and lines of authority between the family and the business; and

  • Ring-fencing the powers of all employees, shareholders, family members and ensuring checks and balances and accountability.


Value delivered

  • The family and shareholders all understood their authorities and accountabilities and how to successfully interact within the new organizational structure;

  • Within twenty-four months, the business operations resumed ‘back to normal” and faced minimal disruption upon the introduction of the new decision-making platforms and authorities; and

  • Shareholders were all organized and aligned according to shareholding branches and all their respective needs were addressed adequately.

Business Case 2:


Supporting families in devising an investment strategy to ensure the long-term security and sustainability of their wealth.


Mandate Objectives and Approach

  • Defining the investment policy of the family, while evaluating the family’s investment ethos and appetite risk; and

  • Undertaking revaluation exercises, advising on decision-making frameworks while working with third party-financial advisors to explain the needs of our Families and help devise comprehensive and long-term investment strategies.


Value delivered

  • Helped align the Family and create accountability and collegiality when undertaking investments;

  • Increased ROI by an average of 7% to 12%; and

  • Helped our Families devise wealth preservation strategies that meet with their values and introduce communication protocols with third-party advisors.

Business Case 3:


Various business owning families wished to consolidate their investments and assets under a Single-Family Office to ensure easier management and oversight of their assets, particularly for the purpose of succession.


Mandate Objectives and Approach

  • Introducing measures to evaluate investment objectives, analyze investment opportunities and structured investment vehicles;

  • Ensuring a collegial and defined approach to managing the family wealth and as such devised family governance systems;

  • Identifying tax planning needs and Implementing estate planning and effective tax structures to ensure the orderly transfer of assets from one generation to another; and

  • Ensuring an efficient and viable exit strategy for family members to exit should they so desire.


Value delivered

  • Met the objectives set by the Family in terms of the management of their wealth and maintaining the Family relationships;

  • Reduced risks and implemented procedures to ensure harmony and an aligned strategy among shareholders; and

  • Defined an exit policy in line with the family’s desires while implementing a contingency fund, to fund the buy-out of family members in the event they wished to exit.

Business Case 4:


Planning for the ownership and management succession of a third-generation family business as well as coaching the next generation of family business entrepreneurs, ensuring they are ready to assume their impending roles.


Mandate Objectives and Approach

  • Assessing and planning the family’s approach to the business;

  • Coaching and mentoring next generation family business entrepreneurs, offering support in various areas of business education, enterprise formation, business analysis, and implementation of governance frameworks;

  • Developing a full understanding of the transition process and understanding of the transition process and its effect upon and among all family members;

  • Clarifying and defining conclusions of the planning process in sufficient detail and documenting them in a written family constitution; and

  • Ensuring that all the cousin branches were aligned and united.


Value delivered

  • Introduced systems and policies, ensuring the sustainability, security, and stability of the business in the hands of future generations; and

  • Empowered the next generation and helped them integrate into the family business and add value.

Business Case 5:


A second-generation Saudi business owning family with various branches were concerned at the loss of control they were facing based on the fact that each of their businesses and investments operated as independent business units. As such they wished to introduce an efficient corporate structure.


Mandate Objectives and Approach

  • Undertaking a major business transformation, consolidating the independent business units under a single corporate entity, making significant cost reductions;

  • Defining the corporate model and structure – including a holding entity as well as various subsidiary holding companies for the respective activities;

  • Defining operational structures and recommending new organizational frameworks;

  • Coaching and mentoring family members that ‘lost’ control and autonomy of their respective entities they were managing and redefining their role in and relationship with the business; and

  • Reviewing current capabilities of individuals within the family to manage the subsidiaries and make recommendations with respect to their roles within the structure.


Value delivered

  • Significant cost and headcount reductions across the Group with no reduction of service delivery;

  • Devised and implemented a tailored corporate governance framework for the Group;

  • The Group restructured each business unit under the Holding Company improving the efficiency of operations and ensuring consistent standards and a common vision across the Group; and

  • Incorporated Family members into the new Group structure ensuring they are well positioned to deliver optimum results.

Business Case 6:


Differing view-points and diverging interests had started to cause conflict and disruption in the family business and as such, the family members sought outside help to prevent the conflict from developing into a serious ongoing dispute on the one hand and helping the parties to successfully resolve any such disputes together on the other hand.


Mandate Objectives and Approach

  • Mediating a decade-old conflict between 3 groups of family owners;

  • Identifying the lowest common denominator among family members and creating alignment among them;

  • Facilitating family councils and assisting in drafting an Ownership Agreement, identifying common values and a long-term vision;

  • Establishing open, direct and frequent communication between family members; and

  • Improving communication through family meetings whereby everyone is kept informed and able to share their perspectives and news.


Value delivered

  • Ensured a harmonious transition from the senior generation to the younger one and assisted the family in devising a 100-year plan and in implementing a comprehensive governance process; and

  • Prevented major conflicts from turning into major legal disputes and the family pursuing the litigation route.

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