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What I do

Creating 50 million jobs over the next 20 years

In 2022, Walid decided it was time to scale back from full-time advisory work and to dedicate the next 25 years, in part, to advancing the science of governance for family businesses. To this end, he established The Chiniara Foundation to pursue research in this domain.

In the meantime, he remains available to (i) support family business entrepreneurs looking to build something extra\ordinary, and (ii) join the board of a family business / family office to help manage the integration of the various services a family would require, to ensure the sustainability of its wealth in the hands of future generations, namely:

(the term “family wealth” or “patrimony” is used here in its broadest sense, to include, inter alia: human, intellectual, social, cultural, spiritual, and financial capital)

Services 1.png

Family vs. Business

Estate Planning

Corporate Transformation

Legal / Tax Risk Management

Family Office Infrastructure

Shareholder / Board of Directors

Mergers / Acquisitions / Divestiture

Going Public / Going Private

Cross-continent Transactions

Portfolio Diversification

Family Conversations

Governance Gap Analysis

Succession Planning

Financial Planning

Defining Family Wealth

Shareholding vs. Ownership

Purpose / Vision / Values

Family Partnerships


Profit / Risk Sharing

Induction of C-Suite



NextGen Empowerment

Family Charters



Preempting / Managing Conflict

Mobility / Cultural diversity

Facilitate Negotiations

Exit Strategies

Communication Platforms

Legal Strategy
   & Globalization
over generations
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