Advisory Services

Walid is a Change Agent. His ambition is to assist families in business with the transformation of their businesses and help them become more competitive in an increasingly turbulent and global world.


He offers his expertise and support in the following areas:


  • Legal strategy and globalization

  • Institutionalization, and Corporate and Family Governance

  • Owner and Shareholder support

  • Board of Directors composition and meeting facilitation

  • Induction of non-family C-Suite executives

  • Third-party and joint venture relationship

  • Family office infrastructure

  • P/E portfolio revaluation and diversification

  • NextGen mentoring

  • Conflict management / Mediation

  • IPO Preparedness



He brings to the table a variety of skills:


1. Critical thinking, coupled with a highly ethical code of conduct;


2. Entrepreneurship insights: Set-up and managed, for over 20 years, a virtual multi family office, with access to families in business having over 250 billion dollars worth of assets under management;


3. Legal strategy and risk management: Brings corporate/commercial expertise working at 1st-tier US and Canadian law firms, a European global multi-national corporation, and Middle Eastern privately-held family business;


4. International exposure, communication, and negotiation: Experience building and managing stakeholder relationships. Negotiated cross-cultural and multi-jurisdictional transactions, including M&A, joint ventures, and multi-billion-dollar project financing transactions across the five continents;


5. Governance: Built and managed the legal affairs of single-family offices and contributed to the institutionalization of over 130 family-controlled businesses, separating emotions from reason, and ownership from management;


6. Inter-generational conflict management: Reconciled feuding families, and paved the way for NextGen family entrepreneurs to take over the mantle in an orderly fashion; and


7. Coaching and Mentoring: Coached a number of patriarchs to ‘let go’, and senior executives who join family businesses. Also, mentored a number of young professionals and NextGen family entrepreneurs to forge their own ambitions and follow their heart.

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